What is Asian Spiritual Classics?

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Asian Spiritual Classics is a local, non-profit, registered society based in Singapore, which runs dharma and community activities grounded in the authentic philosophical traditions of Asia.

We offer dharma classes, meditation, yoga, workshops and anything that helps people lead a more contented, spiritual life. All teachings are based on authentic Asian texts and our teachers use these great volumes of wisdom to bring clarity and understanding to modern audiences.

Most importantly, whatever background, spiritual or otherwise, all are welcome to attend our classes and events.


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Our Spiritual Director is  Sumati Marut Ph.D. He was previously a professor of comparative religions for 20 years at Columbia University and the University of California, and is now a distinguished dharma teacher of time-tested Eastern classics.

His passion and ability to make esoteric elements of eastern philosophy work in the modern world has won him a large global following.

For more information, downloads and other cool stuff visit his website: http://lamamarut.org/