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#49_August 2016 – Lama Marut & Cindy in Singapore 17th to 23rd October

marut and cindy

Lama Marut & Cindy Lee
in Singapore
17th to 23rd October 2016

17th to 19th October 7.30pm to 9pm
(Save the Date …..Details coming)

21st to 23rd October – The Spectrum of Yoga at PURE Yoga
Yoga is much more than physical exercise – it is a way of life. This weekend workshop will cover the main practices that will help practitioners integrate the full spectrum of yoga into every aspect of daily life.
Complimentary Session – Friday, 21 Oct
7pm-8.30pm: The Meaning, Purpose and Method of Yoga
Session 1 – Saturday, 22 Oct
10am-12pm: Karma Yoga: Ethical Living and Egoless Action
Session 2 – Saturday, 22 Oct
2pm-4pm: Yoga of the Heart: Bhakti, Guru, and Deity Yoga
Session 3 – Sunday, 23 Oct
10am-12pm: The Yoga of Wisdom
Session 4 – Sunday, 23 Oct
2pm-4pm: The Yoga of Sound

Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View
#06-02 Singapore 018961

PURE Yoga is offering a 20% early bird discount (ends 30 September).
click here for more details.
Book through ASC ( to get an additional 10% off

Final thoughts

“If it’s not paradoxical, it’s not true.”
~Shunryu Suzuki

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Happy holidays and 2017 at ASC

ASC would like to wish you a very happy holiday season!

May your celebrations be warm, loving and peaceful; may you rejoice in the company of family and friends; and may you enter the new year with renewed energy and wisdom.

We have many exciting events and classes coming up in 2017:

Making Change Happen: Using Spiritual Teachings to Transform Ourselves

Making Change Happen

Get Unbusy: A 4-week MWC Course

Get Unbusy


Please follow the links above for more details and registration.


#32 February 2015 – It’s Time to Reboot


buddha looking at mountain

It’s Time to Reboot

I not sure about you but I’m long overdue for a personal reboot.  The last few months have been an absolute blur with work deadlines and loads of extra activities during the festive season.  Where did that two week Christmas holiday go?  Then – wham bam – it’s straight into the new year with business plans, projections, budgets…etc…etc.  And now we have Lunar New Year celebrations going into full bloom!

During this busy period I’ve been going through the motions of my practice… Dharma class on Mondays…. Yoga class on Sun and meditating semi-regularly, but it all seems a bit flat.  So how do I get out of the rut?

Go on retreat.  This doesn’t have to be some far away Himalayan journey or even heading down to the local Ashram, it can be as simple as just staying at home and completely unplugging for 48 hours and spending some time alone.  That’s right,  no phones, no TV’s, no laptops… absolutely nothing electronic.  Sleep early, wake-up early, meditate, eat light (maybe even detox), do a bit of yoga, and read an inspiring book.  Ahhhhhhh… I’m feeling less stressed already just jotting down these thoughts.

If carving out a weekend at home is just too difficult then come to our next ASC retreat with Lama Marut in Borobudur 9th to 13th April.  You’ll have space to do all I’ve mention above while hearing Lama Marut close out the final chapters of Shantideva’s “A Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Way of Life.” Hope to see you there : )


Final Thoughts

“ Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

~ Lao Tzu

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#31 January 2015 – New Year New Offerings

New Year New Offerings

My spiritual study for 2015 kicked off with a perfect start on Monday night with Charu Ramesh’s introductory class to the Yoga Sutras. The class was relaxed yet illuminating at the same time.  I gave my mind and body a long break over the holidays, so it was like a drink of spring water for my dehydrated mind, as she skilfully explained a deeply profound text in layman’s words. The simple essence of the text is that suffering is caused by turbulence in the mind and the practice of Yoga is all about how to stop this churning of the mind.  What are the causes of this churning? What are the obstacles we will face in the practice? These questions were all explained in the class.  If you missed it, there are three more classes over the next three Monday evenings which includes a review of the previous class.

This year the ASC team have planned many more new courses and events for you.  Coming up soon is a Fire Purification ceremony, Thangka drawing and painting, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction talk and book club. We have planned something for everyone this year – so stay tuned and hope to see you at one of them soon.

Here’s to a fun and awakening 2015!



 A Final Thought

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person.
One moment at a time.”

~ Libba Bray

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Friday Meditation-> Starts January 16th, 2015


We  are starting our Friday meditation this 16th January, 2015.

The beginning of a new year is always a special moment when most of us intend to follow new resolutions.
We usually reflect on what we did and what we could have done better if the external circumstances had been different.

But what about changing internal circumstances ?
What about cultivating a more peaceful clear and stable state of mind ?
Wouldn’t it have changed the outcome of most of our past problems ?

Join JJ this Friday as he leads our first Friday meditation practice with:

12 mins
Relaxation exercise
Using the body tactile sensations to anchor the mind in the present moment5-10 mins
A brief introduction to the meditation practice
What is Mindfulness ?
The mental muscles to train ( Attention and Awareness )
Why is the mind not compliant ?
The power of clear and rewarded intentions
The psychological obstacles to the practice
The proper attitude to cultivate for positive feedback loop12 mins
Guided meditations
Focusing attention only the inhaling part of the breathBreak 5 mins12 mins
Guided Meditations
Focusing attention only the Exhaling part of the breathBreak 5 mins20 mins

Guided Meditations
focusing attention on both inhaling and exhaling parts of the breath.
Venue : 51 b temple street
Time :  7. 30 pm but please try to arrive in advance
See you there!
“The only bad meditation is the one that you didn’t do”
Sharon Saltzberg

Draft Itinerary for Meditation Workshop

Weekend Urban Workshop at ACI Singapore

Friday, August 15th  

6.45pm                    Registration

7:00 – 9:00             Shamatha review, tactile sensations

Saturday/Sunday, August 16th-17th  

9:30 – 9:54             Arrival

10:00 – 10: 54         Instruction and guided meditation

11:00 – 11:24          Silent ghatika

11:30 – 12:24 pm    Instruction, written questions, and guided meditation

12:30 – 12:54          Silent ghatika

1:00 – 1:24             Lunch

1:30 – 2:24             Instruction and guided meditation

2:30 – 3:24             2 silent ghatikas

3:30 – 3:54             Instruction, written questions, and guided meditation

4:00 – 4:24             Silent Ghatika

4:30 – 5:00             Conclusion

ACI Course VIII: Death and the Realms of Existence

The Raised Bones of Arlington National CemeteryLevel 2 of Higher Knowledge (Abhidharma). This Course is based upon the Treasure House of Higher Knowledge (Abhidharma Kosha) by Master Vasubandhu (350 AD), along with its commentary by the First Dalai Lama, as well as sections of the Great Book of the Steps to Buddhahood (Lamrim Chenmo) by Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419)

Topics include: The three main realms of existence; the 17 levels of the form realm; the six types of beings of the desire realm; the four levels of the formless realm; ways of taking birth; all of the different realms of existence and the beings inhabiting them  an explanation of: the intermediate state (bardo), the hells, craving spirits, animals, humans, pleasure beings, and formless beings; the causes to be reborn in each realm; how you move from realm to realm; ways of taking rebirth; how and why rebirth occurs; the conditions needed for human birth; the nature of intermediate state (bardo) beings; how world systems form, evolve and are destroyed; a description of the different types of eons; the four principles of karma; the six sufferings always present; the five degenerations of our age; the problems which result from not being aware of death; the advantages of cultivating an awareness of death; how to meditate on death correctly; and how to see the purity.

Course materials and original audio can be downloaded HERE

Registration is required, please email us at

When: Every Monday started 7th July 2014, ends 22nd Sep 2014
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Venue: #02-45 Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road

MRT : City Hall or Bugis
Buses to Shaw Tower (Beach Road) : 100, 107, 107M, 57, 961
Buses to Shaw Tower (Middle Road) : 56, 980
Per entry parking at building after 6pm.

Teachings are free of charge.





No One Dies Alone – A Volunteer Course at Assisi Hospice

No One Dies Alone (NODA)

Message from Jaki Fisher – co-founder of ACI. I am working with Assisi Hospice in Singapore to set up a trial of a programme called No One Dies Alone (NODA). This programme has been established in many hospitals across the US, and has been very successful there.

It was started by a nurse called Sandra Clarke who wanted to ensure that people who did not have family, had a companion with them during the final hours of their lives (if they wanted this). You can read more about the programme here. 
and here.

The way NODA works is that when a dying person person without family enters what’s called the ‘active’ phase of dying and perhaps has only a day or so to live, NODA volunteers are activated and rostered to provide constant companionship for the dying person. Volunteers are trained to know what to do, but mostly being a volunteer involves a lot of mindful sitting, holding a hand, creating a calm, supportive atmosphere and just being present with the person.

Assisi Hospice is going to adapt the programme slightly to address the needs of local people, and we are in the process of working this out.

The hospice also requires that all NODA volunteers also be Assisi hospice volunteers. So, if you feel interested in being part of the project, you will need to do the initial hospice training which takes two Saturdays and then commit to do 4 hours’ a week of volunteering at the hospice for the next six months. So I realise that that’s quite a bit of a commitment but there are lots of ways to volunteer, including helping with art therapy!

The next Assisi volunteer training is on Saturday 22 & 29 March from 9.30am-5.30pm. There will also be additional NODA volunteer training. The NODA project will be launched in July, so there’s still some time to decide if you would like to be part of it.

I truly believe that this is an amazing opportunity to really be there for another person at arguably the most important time in our lives. If you have any interest in this at all, please email or call me and I can tell you all that I know about it 🙂  jaki fisher – Also, feel free to forward this to anyone whom you think might be interested in this.

Please contact the volunteer coordinator –  Yu Chin Hui – if you’d like to do the training in March. More on Assisi Hospice can be found here

Letter from the Philippines

Dear Friends,

As some of you might know, many of us here have been more than a bit engaged since the typhoon struck my country, devastating homes, affecting millions.  It has provided a meaningful avenue for my community to come into service. It has been an easy and difficult task, and on the principles we all share, crises always create openings for changing the way we do, think and say things.


For now, we have quite a few things on our plate on post-disaster rehabilitation work in Leyte. We’re slowly gearing up to work with 45 villages in one of the worst-hit areas in the Philippines, a municipality called Dulag where almost 95% of infrastructure were destroyed.


Right now, we’re in the process of helping rebuild homes, plant food, heal sickness and emotional trauma and for them to self-organize.  We will not succeed in doing this if we think we will do it alone for altruistic purposes.  The work is all inclusive, and we acknowledge co-ownership with all those who understand the principles and energy that sponsors these.


The One Village

The over-arching goal for everything we do here is to generate energy from within.  Where most aid often creates all kinds of dependency on external sources of food, materials and trainings, our passion is to find the best ways to unleash the creative potency of the land, the people and those who choose to help them.  The ecovillage and permaculture design processes are some of the most evolved frameworks that heal the land, as it regenerates culture and society in unity.


Since we started Maia Earth Village, we knew that our work extended towards helping the Philippines regenerate culture from a spiritual and ecological place, through the ways that we live.  This event is changing us rapidly, and those we have been working with, are also changing too.


The Earth School Project

One of the most important openings to work on in any community at anytime is always the School.  In Batug town, Leyte, life goes on in the classroom, despite that the roof of the entire building has blown away.


If I’m going to ask any interested friend, especially those involved with children, to get involved or help in any productive way, the Batug Earth School project and those to follow it might be the most impactful and interesting.  I’m not necessarily asking for funds right now, just sharing this organic project might open up avenues that brings people to my beautiful country to learn from the simple folk’s indigenous wisdom, which I’ve been learning to appreciate in the most unexpected ways. And vice versa – that people might learn from your wisdom.


Over the years, Maia has been creating outdoor classroom systems in the shape of a seven-layered mandala, that brings teachers and students outside of the 4 walls of the school box, and back to nature, where they might learn math through counting seeds, where they may learn art through permaculture gardening, or science through composting, recycling or alternative power like solar and wind.  In a way, one of the quickest ways of changing a society is through the children and an earth school concept in the backdrop of this recent disaster is a powerful model that could easily spread through the far reaches of progressive education.


In the next months, we will quickly see the birthing of the Earth School Projects throughout the 45 barangays of Dulag Municipality, where outdoor classroom gardens alongside some natural adobe or wattle and cob mud buildings (library, study area, art room) help to reinvent the average kinds of schooling that we went through in our childhood.  The project is inclusive in design, which means you may be one of its teachers sooner or later if you are able to visit once the rebuilding efforts have paved for the ecovillage transformation of our adopted town, municipality and province.


There are many ways to help this town and in a sense, the whole province 

If you feel drawn by this, and would see your energy contributing to the makings of integrative Earth-based classroom systems in one of our adopted villages, through the purchase of books, art materials, volunteering, the creation of an integrated curriculum, documentation, seeds or seedlings, spiritual or healing workshops, etc. then write me directly as I work with our team in working with organizations such as ABS-CBN Foundation, Save the Children, Earthship Biotecture, IDV on the many different dimensions of ecovillage restoration, in this case, education.


For now, I am simply inviting anyone in my own personal network who might be interested in these in any way, or would like to forward this email to friends who can assist us in so many ways. As I ask people in my community if they have personal networks that would get excited at some of these.


In the last weeks, a small handful of friends have spontaneously done some fundraising efforts in different parts of the world through their friends, school or company. We haven’t really started asking for help as we’ve been on simple means, living out of our pockets. That has helped us with the stages we are in, but as we expand into sustainable community, a few more friends doing a few more things might help us.


Our general fundraising efforts will be done through Andrea Roa, a member of Maia Earth Village who grew up in Batug Town, Leyte. Her heroic efforts have put up the Batug school after the old one collapsed years ago because of another typhoon and soil erosion. Her NGO, One Block for Batug is registered as a non-profit. I can ask her to send details on this, upon request and all other interests in school rehabilitation.


The Philippines Windship 

The Earthship design is considered the epitome of sustainable architecture.  It incorporates natural building methods, waste conversion, thermal heating and cooling, passive lighting and ventilation, water catchment, sewage, all into one structure.  They are world leaders in sustainable building, made popular by an award-winning biographical movie made about its founder, visionary architect Michael Reynolds. You may have seen it, its called Garbage Warrior.


In disasters such as Haiti, the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurrican Katrina, the Earthship team were some of the first responders to rebuild, especially in this way.  They use things just strewn around the area, including garbage, the result is a beautiful orchestra of green architecture.  Mike has made a design specific to the Philippine typhoon and will be flying in with a team of 50 people from around the world to our site in Batug in order to construct several structures that offers green architecture technology to the Filipino people.


The Earthship guys have managed to raise most of the money for their flights and for materials, our obligation will just be to host them in homestay programs where we convert a few small houses to have extra rooms for cultural immersion with the indigenous folk of Leyte. In the last week, we have started to introduce simple natural building technology to the locals and we are slowly on the way to seeing a new way of reinforcing local housing in beautiful, cheap, energy efficient and typhoon resistant ways.


These are just some of the few things that are happening here.  I can’t really relay even a small fraction as it is too much to take in.


For now, I am sharing two videos to share what is happening on the ground:


And on the Philippines Windship design:


Feel free to share this email, change it according to your efforts, and post any of the videos we share with you.  We will be creating a mandala work structure to help us with the growing communications and logistical demands to figure people into harmonious flow.  I hope to see you soon.


In love,


Pi Villaraza

Philippine Ambassador

Global Ecovillage Network


If you would like to donate some money to support this cause – any amount is welcome – then details are below.

CHINABANK or China Banking Corporation in the Philippines

Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City  Branch
Account no: 2460049010
Account name: Lisette G. Salazar
Swift code: CHBKPHMM.

Thank you.


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