On this page you will find a repository of audio files from the teachings, workshops and other events that we conduct at ASC. The page is laid out in chronological order, with newer teachings at the top and older teachings as you scroll down.

You can download the files to your device (right click, “save link as”) or play them directly off the website.

Experiments with Wisdom Workshop – The Buddha’s Four Applications of Mindfulness with Douglas Veenhof 

Taught on 15th, 16th and 17th August 2014

The teachings in this workshop cover the Four Applications of Mindfulness, the empirical science, or Vipashyana – the Buddha’s innovative antidote to our misconceptions about the mind and the world it perceives.

Friday, 15th August

Saturday, 16th August

Sunday, 17th August

Shamatha Retreat with Douglas Veenhof 

Taught from 27th to 30th September 2013

The teachings in this workshop cover the foundations of a Shamatha (single pointed concentration) meditation practice.