1 Jul 2013 – Sufism: A Quest for Eternal Truth


A delightful talk given by IMRAN AHMED covering:

~Principles of Islam’s Sufi tradition

~Uniting Sufi spirituality with other faiths

~Breaking  down spiritual barriers

In his presentation, Imran will introduce the basic principles of Islam’s Sufi and the Sufi’s quest to ‘experience’ God. He will also discuss themes which unite Sufi spirituality with other faiths, particularly Buddhism. By highlighting commonalities, Imran seeks to break down spiritual barriers often constructed by adherents of different faiths.

Ample time will be left for a lively discussion / question and answer session .

Imran’s interest in Islam began during his college days when he studied the Philosophy of Religion. Subsequently, he has done extensive reading on Islam and issues facing the Islamic world.

This is an interfaith community activity, so all are invited.

When: 7:30pm- 9:00pm, #02-45 Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road
Where: #02-45 Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road
Cost: Free
Registration:  info@aci-sg.org