1 Jun 2013 – How Karma Works with Lama Marut

The Buddhist Library and ACI Joint Event.

Precious GarlandLama Marut is back in Singapore and will be giving a teaching on ‘How Karma Works’, based on Sanskrit Verses from Arya Nagarjuna’s “Precious Garland” (Ratnavali).

Nagarjuna was an Indian pandit from Vidarbha in south India who lived approximately fourhundred years after Buddha’s death. At that time the Mahayana teaching had diminished, andNagarjuna assumed the task of reviving it by founding the Madhyamika school of tenets. Here, inhis Precious Garland, he clarifies the Buddha’s exposition of emptiness based on the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras (Prajnaparamita). He presents the ten Bodhisattva stages leading to Buddhahoodbased on the Sutra on the Ten Stages (Dasabhumika). He details a Bodhisattva’s collections of meritand wisdom based on the Sutra Set Forth by Aksayamati (Aksayamatinirdesa). The PreciousGarland was intended primarily for the Indian king Satavahana, therefore, Nagarjuna includesspecific advice on ruling a kingdom. (The section on the undesirability of the body is written withreference to the female body simply because the king was a male. As Nagarjuna says, the adviceshould be taken as applying to both males and females.) Among his works, the Precious Garland isrenowned for extensively describing both the profound emptinesses and the extensive Bodhisattvadeeds of compassion.

Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm

Venue: The Buddhist Library, No 2, Lorong 24A, Geylang Road

For Enquiries and Registration please contact:

Buddhlib@singnet.com.sg  or call +65 6746 8435