Starting 9 Jun 2014 – Learning and Working with the Six Perfections

Six PerfectionsWhen: Mondays  9, 16, 23, 30th June 2014
Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm
Where: 100 Beach Road, Shaw Tower #02-45

Cost: Free

These five sessions of informal sharing and exploration of ideas will guide you through learning and working with the six Perfections through stories, cinema and science.  The sessions will include suggestions and techniques to make practice part of our daily life; a movie/ documentary on the nature of reality; using the teachings of Buddha, Krishna and texts like the Diamond Cutter to provide answers to problems of daily life. These sessions will be lead by Charu and Ramesh, known at ACI for their deep knowledge of Indian religious traditions and long term attendees at ACI events and classes.

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Week 1:  9 June 2014

1. Giving and the Rest – Overview of the Six Perfections – What it is? Why is this important? What are the famous texts that talk about them? What really happens if we achieve these perfect states? Why do teachers always emphasize them? What can we learn from this ancient text that is relevant to the modern world?

Week 2:  16 June 2014

2. The Secret Key – Ethical Life  / Ethical Discipline – Why is this the secret key for everything in life? – Why do all religions emphasize them? What is the neuro-science model of ethics and what is modern science’s take on ethics. Why is ethics important in business and politics  and what do modern thinkers and philosophers say about them? In this class we will have a guest speaker talking about Buckminister Fuller and Bucky’s views and big ideas on solutions to our modern issues. A short film will be shown and afterwards a group discussion.

Week 3:  23 June 2014

3. Not Getting Angry and Joyful Effort – A new integrated relational view on the consequences of anger, controlling the change etc. What causes stress, anxiety and other mental disorders in today’s world? How do the ancient teachings help unravel some techniques to achieve a happy outlook on life?  Are there practices we can follow in today’s life that can reduce stress and create a more peaceful feeling of being? What is joyful effort? Why do we procrastinate and don’t want to do things that bring long term benefits? Postponing reward/ carrot and stick – reward now vs reward later? We will explore human psychology in relation to feelings of discouragement and encouragement. What causes pain and suffering and how is this related to effort and depression?

Week 4:  30 June 2014

4. The Fifth and Sixth Perfection – Meditative Concentration and  Wisdom  – Discussion on illusion and mind effects arising from meditation – why we can relate to our karma and the effects it has – to make us wander in the circle of suffering – the scientific connections in neuroscience relating to meditation and awareness. What is feeling and awareness and what happens when we say that there is a deep connection and deep insight?

5. Lessons Learnt from the six perfections – Movie and short video clips with a focus summarising all the six perfections and what has been learned from the past four sessions.