Dharma in Action – ASC’s 1st Charity event!

This year during our AGM, we said that one of the things we wanted to do this year was to put what we learn into practice.  So with the teaching of Generosity in mind, we checked out a few options for us to put this virtue into practice and we chose to support the Children’s Wishing Well.

The Children’s Wishing Well (A project of Student Advisory Centre) is a charity dedicated to serving less fortunate children aged 6 to 18 years.


They were founded in July 2003 as a helpline for runaway minors.  Since then, they have steadily expanded to provide an avenue of hope and assistance to children from low-income families all over Singapore.  Their programs work to improve their living conditions, support their educational and financial needs. They are a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and a registered institute of public character.

Like ASC, they are a secular charity and serve all needy children, regardless of race, religion or location of home.

The program that ASC has chosen to participate is the “Food for Families” program.

In this program, the Wishing Well looks for donors to support families with free groceries worth S$60 to help them with the rising cost of living.   These families are recommended by the School Financial Assistance Review Committee, as they have a per capita income of $625 and below. 

What ASC will do:

1) Raise or donate money to buy the food (now till 10th August 2015).

2) Volunteer to pack the food on the 2nd Friday of the Month (14th August 2015).

3) Volunteer to deliver the bags of food to the beneficiaries on Saturday (15th August 2015).

This project requires the support of
(i) 12-15 volunteers to pack 160 bags (2 per family)
(ii) Donation of $6,000 (tax deductible) valued at S$60 per package for 80 students.
(iii) 10 volunteers over 5 cars to deliver the bags

Please email info@asc-sg.org if you are interested in putting the Dharma into practice!