3 Mar 2013 – Inclusive Buddhism

Inclusive BuddhismIn this talk,  Lama Marut will suggest new ways we might think about and represent Buddhism.The teachings of Buddhism are not only for those who lived long ago, or only for Asians, or only for a tiny elite of spiritual connoisseurs in the modern West.   They are universal in their applicability and have the potential to help all of us live happier lives – regardless of our cultural, social, economic, or even religious (or non-religious) affiliations.Buddhism, especially now that it is located in a truly global context, should be all-inclusive in its outreach and generally welcoming in its presentation.  A “Buddhism without borders” must expand so that no one of our fellow human beings is regarded as an “outsider” – and, therefore, there are no privileged and quarantined “insiders” either.Please join us for this special opportunity to interact simultaneously with audiences worldwide at Middle Way Centers in Singapore, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Reno, Saskatoon, Cape Ann, and Nashville.
Sunday – 3 March 2013
36 Binchang Rise (Bishan MRT)
9 – 11am
Teachings are free; Donations kindly appreciated to support our events
For more information or to register email us at info@aci-sg.org