New Sessions in 2014 – Lady Niguma Yoga Series

chakarasanEvery Sunday morning with Kelly Tan. teaching you everything you need to know about Lady Niguma yoga so that you can do this practice at home and be sure that you have the correct alignment.

Dates: Sundays (details of 2014 sessions coming soon)
English sessions – 10:30am – 12:00pm (Five sessions)
Venue: Sweat Fitness, #01-03 Cantonment Centre, 150 Cantonment Rd
Cost: $240 for five 90-minute classes

Class One: Lecture and Sun Salutation
Class Two: Revision + Muladhara & Svahisthana Chakra(root & sacral)
Class Three: Revision + Nirmana Chakra(Navel)
Class Four: Revision + Dhama Chakra(heart)
Class Five: Revision + Sanbhoga & Mahasuka(throat & crown)