Thangka Painting Workshop: 28th & 29th January 2015

‘When you draw a Buddha, you are drawing your own mind.’ 

01. Carmen Painting

These evening workshops provide an introduction to Tibetan thangka art (traditional scroll paintings). They are suitable for everyone, including beginners with no drawing experience whatsoever!

The workshops come with a short meditation, explanation of the tradition, explanation of the grids, and a lot of individual guidance.
If you are a Buddhist Practitioner, drawing a Buddha is such a great help for your visualization-meditation. Once you have done this, you will notice your visualization goes much better.

Beginners will learn how to draw the Face of the Buddha according to the Tibetan tradition (1st evening drawing, 2nd evening coloring).
Advanced students (who have drawn the Face of the Buddha previously in Carmen’s classes) can learn how to draw the Female Buddha Face (such as the face of Green Tara or White Tara) or the Lotus Flower.

The workshops will be led by Carmen Mensink, a thangka artist from the Netherlands with over 10 years of experience as a Buddhist practitioner and artist.

In her words: “Painting these enlightened images is like meditation, and for me this is the ideal combination of practising art and Buddhism at the same time. With my teachings on this art, which I do with a lot of joy and dedication, I hope to inspire people this way, and besides this I would like to make a small contribution to pass on this beautiful tradition in the right way.” 

For more information about Carmen, and to check out her website, please click here.

Schedule: Wed Jan 28th + Thu 29th, 7.30-10pm

Venue: 100 Beach Road, Shaw Tower #02-45, Singapore

ASC Members pay : S$ 60 for 2 evenings
Non-Members pay : S$66 for 2 evenings

Materials: Paper will be provided for free. A set of drawing materials can be bought in class for S$ 25 (long 50cm ruler, triangular geo ruler, mechanical pencil, eraser and eraser pencil). You can also choose to bring them yourself, or borrow them during class (for free). If you want to color or paint (on the second evening) please bring extra materials of your own.

To register: Email or call Jennifer at (+65) 8119-2774.