#10 Jun 2013 – There is no Time to Waste

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Helping Others

Most religions teach that to help others should be a priority in our lives.  But really, how many of us do this? Do we truly believe and embrace this teaching?

Many of my dreams bring deep realisations, in particular those concerning my own death. Typically, I wake up just at the moment of dying. However, my last death dream was quite different; for the first time I experienced what happened after death.

Initially, I had no idea that I had died, but was somehow fully aware that death was nothing more than a change of realm. I was uncertain, curious, but at peace.

In this dream, my family and I were victims of a terrorist attack.  My youngest son and I did not survive and when I finally realised I was no longer alive, all I could feel was overwhelming pain.

I felt my husband’s heartbreak and his further devastation when he found out he’d lost a son.  I saw my other two children with puzzled and worried faces, that knew something bad had happened, but not sure what. I wanted to comfort them, to touch them and tell them I was ok, but couldn’t. Other people had died, and their suffering resonated with me too. My heart was being torn out by the pain of all humankind; what evil nature can commit such horrendous crimes?  I felt the attacker’s misery too.

When I saw my youngest son who had died with me, I hugged him and I felt comforted that one day, sooner than we think, we will all be reunited.

Having woken up and reflected on what this dream was communicating, I realise that I didn’t think about the things I didn’t do, the places I didn’t visit, the people I knew, or material possessions.  I had no mental afflictions and experienced the immense freedom that comes with it.  I only felt pain for others. My life didn’t pass before me either.  When I woke up, I genuinely realised that all my energy must be focused on what I’ve been taught ever since I can remember. In that dream I experienced that life is too short and too precious to spend it focused on anything less; as if at the end, that’s all that really matters.

Help one another; there’s no time to waste.

(and the ACI Singapore team)


A Final Thought

“We are all here on earth to help others, what on earth the others are here for I don’t know.”
   ― W.H. Auden (writer and poet)
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