#15 Aug 2013 – Practice and Patience


Practice and Patience

Everything becomes Possible

I have just came back from my annual yoga training in Bali and it has never been as clear to me than now, that practice is the key to achieving everything and anything in life.

Most of the time when we want something, we try once, twice, maybe three times and when we cannot get it, we give up.  Or, we look for a tip from a book, google it, youtube it, or ask someone for the secret to getting what we want. For me, it has been trying to achieve the difficult asana (posture) of the Bakasana (crow).

It has taken me five years to do this asana. In the first year I went to Bali, people were going up and down into that asana and I could not even balance in a three-point headstand properly – how could I even transit from that to Bakasana? It seemed impossible. My poor teacher tried to lift me and I got frustrated and secretly hoped that he would quickly change postures so that there would be atleast something I could do.

One year went by and I did nothing. Second year I went, he taught that asana again, and I still could not do it – after that, I decided I was going to practice to stay in my three-point headstand for at least one minute, and I made that my practice for a year. In the third year, I built enough stamina to transit into the Bakasana, but I could not lift it up! Finally, this year I managed to lift up into the Bakasana and go back down and back to a three-point headstand. Yay!

And then my teacher said… okay, now do 15! I was like – what?? The bar was set higher.  But that is a good thing. There is always something to practice – practice never ends.  And when you have accomplished something over hours and hours of practice, it feels exhilarating and you feel like you can do anything.

The lesson for me was to break down the seemingly impossible into something do-able – start where you are with a small step – practice – have patience with yourself. Then from that place, PRACTICE again and slowly everything becomes possible.

One area that practice is essential, is in meditation. So, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Doug Veenhof meditation retreat to help me deepen my practice. There are more details below and I look forward to see you there.

With love always,

(and the ACI Singapore team)


A Final Thought

“The strongest of all warriors are these two – Time and Patience.”

Leo Tolstoy (writer of War and Peace)


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