#18 Oct 2013 – Right Body Right Mind

Right Body Right Mind

Feeding your Happiness

People ask me these days, “Jen – tell me the secret to your happiness?” And, “Jen – tell me the secret to your glow.”

There is no secret to my glow and anyone can achieve it. It has come from simply eating right. I sigh when I remember what I used to eat. I ‘chucked the junk’ and switched to fresh foods and lots of veggies about 18 months ago. I’ve never felt better or thought more clearly.

Now the happiness part: It seems simple, but it took me a long time to grasp it fully. The secret to my joy, my laughter and my happiness is to help other people. We have a strange misguided notion in Singapore that when we give we lose. Oh-so-wrong! But don’t be put off thinking you have to accomplish huge feats of charity, even the smallest act of kindness done consistently every day can change how you feel about yourself and the world you see.

It isn’t just about giving money. Giving your time to someone who needs your support is equally important.  Chances are, even when someone is poor, what they also need is love, concern and care.

But the key element that has been a breakthrough for me, is that you can’t help anyone if you are not looking after yourself.  An important step to happiness is to treat yourself with love, respect and care, then you will be able to give this to others.

Happiness comes from within – the body and the mind.

With love always,

Jennifer rk
(and the ACI Singapore team)


A Final Thought


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
~ Winston Churchill
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