#22 Apr 2014 – Eyes Wide Shut


Eyes Wide Shut

A couple of things have happened recently that really made an impact on me, forcing me to start seeing beyond my own life.

A friend staying with me shared her experiences as a journalist in the middle east. She has witnessed horrors that haunt her morning, noon and night. These memories manifest in her as feelings of helplessness and depression.

Around the same time, my friend’s helper was undergoing the most awful suffering, abandoned by her own family and finally dying, without anyone realising.

Suffering walks on the same pavement that we walk on, but sometimes our eyes are wide shut. Suffering is being experienced by people who share our lives and who are seemingly going through the same happy experiences that we are. Suffering is sharing our tables, only an arms length away, but at a distance we just can’t seem to breach.
Yes, I am grateful for my life, but that isn’t enough anymore. Now I find myself watching people and listening much more closely – to understand – to share – the burden and joy that life brings.




“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

~ Mother Teresa


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