#24 June 2014 – Forgiveness, Acceptance and Love

Forgiveness, Acceptance and Love

Recently I’ve started painting lessons and on my second lesson my teacher, Cleo, handed me a large painted canvas from her collection – she’s a professional artist.  She saw my shocked expression and explained: “You can paint over them. If you don’t like something, paint black or white over it and use it as a base to start again.” She went on to say that she preferred painting over in white so that some of the previous painting showed through and integrated with the new one. So we painted the canvas white and I started painting.Each time I made a mistake I berated myself, but my teacher showed me how paint when applied in layers can correct what I didn’t like. And right there I had the most profound realisation. Half our lives we worry about how imperfect we are and painting has showed me : dont like it? – start over again and again and again.  Cleo is fond of saying: “you’ve got to love your art, if not, how will others love it?” Which reminds me of the ‘you have to love yourself’. Isn’t it a bit unfair to expect another to love you when you don’t love yourself?I’ve learnt that we don’t have to be perfect to accept ourselves, we just need to be whole, and to be whole means forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we have done and accepting that we are not perfect. And more importantly knowing that we can start all over again! My art sessions are on-going with Cleo and I am curious to uncover more bits and pieces of my self-discovery.

Jennifer RK


“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr

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