#27 September 2014_A Look Inside the Mind


Inside the Mind 

Douglas Veenhof says that our mind is capable of thinking about 55 things a second. The benefit of practicing one-pointed meditation is receiving clarity. This is a light-hearted poem about what went on inside my mind during the workshop.
(Breathe in.) This cushion is comfy… (Breathe out.) “One.”
(Breathe in.) My belt is really tight… (Breathe out.) “Two.”
(Breathe in.) Aeroplane is flying above… (Breathe out.) “Three.”
(Breathe in.) Lah lah lah song by Shakira is playing in my mind… (Breathe out.) “Four.”
(Breathe in.) Ok, let’s do that parade of images that Douglas talked about. And… This… Is… The… Mind… (Breathe out.) “Five.”
(Breathe in.) (Nothing.) (Breathe out.) “Six.”
(Breathe in.) Of course there’s nothing… (Breathe out.) “Seven.”
(Breathe in.) Interesting images… (Breathe out.) “Eight.”
(Breathe in.) Hey, I should write a little poem for Angie to put in the ASC newsletter. (Breathe out.) “Nine.”
(Breathe in.) I will do it now. (Breathe out.) “Ten.”


A Final Thought….

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

~ Helen Keller


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