#33 March 2015 – The Ego

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The Ego

Recently I changed jobs and in my new role found my spiritual practice put to the test. It was very challenging!

Having had twenty years of experience in the sector, I expected recognition and respect. But, I wasn’t given any. I was made to take photocopies for junior staff, wait on the manager to scan documents into her system, run around like a crazy person carrying one heavy file or another to the manager all day long.

In short, I was treated more like a receptionist than a documentation officer. The job scope being that of liaising with bankers, producing shipping documentation, rectifying mistakes and dealing with international suppliers and buyers alike.

Instead of ruminating on this day in, day out. I did something different. I firmly set my mind on the many methods of meditation which I learnt during Douglas Veenhof’s mindful meditation retreat last year.

6 minutes in the morning, 6 minutes at noon (in the toilet at work), and 6 minutes at night.  Finally, it dawned on me; I was reacting to my ego. The ego focuses on and exaggerates everything that is negative. So I realised that I had been listening to the belittling voice which was harping on and on about my job status.

Today, I am treated a whole lot differently. The younger staff do their own work, I am left alone at my table all day long to do what I am hired to do. How did it all change? When given the chance, I did it my job well, my capabilities became known and valued. I do not feel unhappy anymore.

So, whatever is happening around us, is really happening IN US.
What a realization that was for me.


Final Thoughts

“ It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.

~ Doe Zantamata


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