#36 June 2015 – From Darkness to Light

hdb sunrise

From Darkness into Light

Many months ago, I received a What’s App message from a friend, inviting me to join her for a talk. When I saw the invite, I was sceptical – another “Mindfulness” inspired talk – this time by an “ang moh” monk? I floated the idea by a colleague. To my surprise, my colleague, a peer I respect very much, was enthusiastic! Knowing that I was going through a rough time, I had a feeling he made an effort to be especially encouraging about the talk.I took his advice and made my way to Lama Marut’s talk. I sat in the front row, legs crossed, switching positions whenever they felt numb. That evening, I listened, and I teared, and I tried to blow my nose quietly, and I knew I was listening to words that would help me heal.

That night, I decided to pay attention. I was being offered a chance to move forward, and to move on – I would have been a fool not to do otherwise.  I signed up for the Dharma classes by ASC; I searched for similar talks on YouTube, and eventually I even signed up for yoga!

For many years, I practiced my spirituality blindly, but with faith.  Through the kindness and grace of friends from ASC, a beacon of light has been held out for me and I continue to navigate my path from out of the darkness and into the light.



A Final Thought

“ Knowledge is of no use unless you put it into practice.

~ Anton Chekhov

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