#5 Apr 2013 – The Power of the Breath


Finding a path through chaos

Hello !

It has been a rather rough week on the work front; many challenging issues came up that were out of my comfort zone and required me to decide on what was the best course of action. At times it felt overwhelming and I felt I could not breathe.  My headaches came back – so many things to do and so little time.  What should I do first? Is it right? And finally, Friday night came – should I go to our Friday meditation class? or should I stay at home and go over my pile of notes again before an important meeting on Saturday?

I then realised (AHA!) that this is what the Buddhist teachings mean when they say, “going for refuge.”  It is where you turn to when your world threatens to turn upside down.  I finally decided to go to our meditation class and I am so glad I did, because Jaki taught us a calming meditation, amongst a few others – to help us cope better in intense situations.  With her gentle kindness she guided us through a meditation focused on the breath, some stress release exercises that got our hands tingling and lastly her favorite – the laying down meditation. The class came at a perfect time for me; the small group was comforting and I was calm and relaxed by the time the class ended and ready to face the world again.
I am already looking forward to this Friday’s meditation class : )

(and the ACI Singapore team)


A Final Thought

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

― Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor 161-180AD)


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