Friday Meditation-> Starts January 16th, 2015


We  are starting our Friday meditation this 16th January, 2015.

The beginning of a new year is always a special moment when most of us intend to follow new resolutions.
We usually reflect on what we did and what we could have done better if the external circumstances had been different.

But what about changing internal circumstances ?
What about cultivating a more peaceful clear and stable state of mind ?
Wouldn’t it have changed the outcome of most of our past problems ?

Join JJ this Friday as he leads our first Friday meditation practice with:

12 mins
Relaxation exercise
Using the body tactile sensations to anchor the mind in the present moment5-10 mins
A brief introduction to the meditation practice
What is Mindfulness ?
The mental muscles to train ( Attention and Awareness )
Why is the mind not compliant ?
The power of clear and rewarded intentions
The psychological obstacles to the practice
The proper attitude to cultivate for positive feedback loop12 mins
Guided meditations
Focusing attention only the inhaling part of the breathBreak 5 mins12 mins
Guided Meditations
Focusing attention only the Exhaling part of the breathBreak 5 mins20 mins

Guided Meditations
focusing attention on both inhaling and exhaling parts of the breath.
Venue : 51 b temple street
Time :  7. 30 pm but please try to arrive in advance
See you there!
“The only bad meditation is the one that you didn’t do”
Sharon Saltzberg