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“Stop this wheel of suffering, I want to get off!” – The 12 Links of Interdependence, with Jaki Fisher

12 Links Jaki (final)

“I love this teaching. First, it’s based on a picture – and who doesn’t like visual teachings? … so much easier to absorb, and this one has some pretty unforgettable images – not for the fainthearted.

Secondly, the picture used to be placed in the front of Buddhist temples so that everyone could see and understand it, so it’s a teaching that is totally relevant for all of us, not some fascinating but esoteric thing.

And last, it gets into the nitty gritty of why we suffer and can’t seem to find lasting contentment and most importantly, exactly what we can do about it … and how we can stop this crazy wheel of discontentment.

So, in 4 Mondays, let’s dig into this topic and dig ourselves out of our unhealthy mental habits. See you there.”

– Jaki Fisher

Mondays 12, 19, 26 June & 3 July, 7 – 8.30pm

51B Temple St, Chinatown, Singapore 058596

$15/class or $50/all 4 classes

Register below, or email info@asc-sg.org for enquiries.


Mindful Relationships: a 4-week MWC course with Charu Ramesh

Mindful Relationships

This four-class MWC course, designed by Lama Marut (lamamarut.org), shows us a path to developing joyful relationships in all spheres of our life. It explores the bases for strong relationships, the reasons for conflict and above all, how we can take ownership of the relationships in our lives, rather than being pushed along by the vagaries of life and of others.

The structure of the sessions is as follows:

  1. Session 1 – Beginning relationships (Sep 19)
  2. Session 2 – Maintaining relationships (Sep 26)
  3. Session 3 – Deepening relationships (Oct 3)
  4. Session 4 – Endings and Letting Go (Oct 10)

As these sessions address different aspects of relationships, we encourage you to attend all four of them.  


Mondays, Sep, 19th, 26th; Oct 3rd and 10th
7pm to 8.30pm

51B Temple Street (top floor) Chinatown, ​Singapore ​

By donation (Suggested donation – SGD 10 per class)

Please register by filling in the sign-up form at the bottom of this page. For enquiries, write to info@asc-sg.orgFor more information on Lama Marut, please visit lamamarut.org.

About the Teacher:

Charu Ramesh practices as a classical homeopath, an I Ching interpreter and a life guide. She teaches dharma classes for ASC and also offers regular classes with The Still Space. She helps people work with relationships, transitions and the issues that life keeps throwing at all of us. The main thread that runs through her work is empowering people by helping them take responsibility for their lives.