#47_May 2016 – Take a Break

Take a Break. ….before you have to. For some reason holding down two jobs, doing charity work helping small businesses, managing a household and planning an international move was not enough of a signal to clear some space for some inner work. There are times when stretching yourself with multiple challenges leads to great breakthroughs, whether in knowledge, understanding or the sense of wholeness that comes through helping someone else achieve their goals. Other times you may be filling your time, running about being ‘busy busy’ because you are avoiding being with yourself, being quiet; facing the reality of who…

#31 January 2015 – New Year New Offerings

New Year New Offerings My spiritual study for 2015 kicked off with a perfect start on Monday night with Charu Ramesh’s introductory class to the Yoga Sutras. The class was relaxed yet illuminating at the same time.  I gave my mind and body a long break over the holidays, so it was like a drink of spring water for my dehydrated mind, as she skilfully explained a deeply profound text in layman’s words. The simple essence of the text is that suffering is caused by turbulence in the mind and the practice of Yoga is all about how to stop…

26 Jul 2013 – Shamatha Meditation Practice

Shamatha meditation practice led by Alvin. Learn techniques to bring quiet abiding to your busy mind on a Friday evening. A great way to transition from a work week to a weekend. When: Friday, 26th July 2013 Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm At: 51B Temple St (top floor) Chinatown – MRT: Chinatown cost: by donation Register by emailing us at info@aci-sg.org          

#4 Mar 2013 – The Art of Giving

Back from retreat – renewed intentions, new courses and new events Hello ! Amid the clear blue skies and calm ocean, the retreat did what it set out to do – opening our hearts with big doses of dharma prescribed by Doctor Lama Marut. Everyone went home feeling refreshed and recharged with a new energy to – not necessarily transform completely – but to change our lives a little. Many of us having the intention of finding ways to serve others more and worry less about ourselves. On the last day, we sat in a big circle and shared our…

Friday 7 June – Bell Meditation

This peaceful and profound meditation comes from the Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn and uses the sonorous sound of the bell to help you reach deep states of relaxation and mindfulness. This week’s meditation is being led by Aimee Goldthwaite. This week’s meditation is being led by Aimee Goldthwaite.   When: Friday Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm At: 51B Temple St (top floor)  Chinatown – MRT: Chinatown cost: by donation Register by emailing us at info@aci-sg.org

Meditative Dharma and Meditation Practice

Looking for a peaceful way to end your busy work week? Find a moment of stillness and peace every Friday in Chinatown. Come along for our weekly guided meditation sessions, where we meditate together, and share some teachings from Buddhism that can support your meditation practice. This session is open to anyone from any tradition, and to complete beginners with no experience in meditation. When: Friday evenings, 7.30 – 9.00pm Where: 51B Temple St (top floor), Chinatown Cost: free