The Very Angry Lion

angry lionBy Georgina Halabi

Once upon a time, there was a lion.
He wasn’t a very big lion, in fact he was quite small.
But how he could roar!

He loved to hear himself roar
And to scare all the other animals away.
“Look at me!” he said to himself
“I am the fiercest animal around. Look at how strong and wonderful I am!”

One morning, the lion work up to find a frog on his nose.
“Ribbet” said the frog.
“ROARRRRRRR!!!!!!” said the lion, so loudly that even the ground shook.
“Yikes!” said the frog
And hopped off as fast as he could go.

The next morning, the lion woke up to see two beautiful flamingos fishing in the lake nearby.
“This is MY lake” growled the lion. “Get OUT!”
The flamingos looked up to see the angry lion.
“Gulp!” said the biggest flamingo.
“ROARRRRR!!!!” said the lion.
And the flamingos flew off as quickly as their wings would carry them.

The next morning, the lion woke up to see some beautiful green parrots nesting in the tree above him.
“This is MY tree” growled the lion “all MINE!”
The parrots looked down to see the lion growling below.
“ROARRRRR!!! Said the lion
And the birds flew away with a loud flapping of wings.
“squawk squawk squawk” they cried as they flew as far away as they could.

And the lion sat down to lick his paws
and to look over his land, his lake and his tree.
“Mine all mine” said the lion happily.
But as he looked around, a funny idea came in to his head.
That funny feeling in his tummy – was it really happiness?
He had all this – his land, his lake and trees BUT he had no one to share it with.
No friends.
No family.
And that made him feel…
Well it made him feel UN-happy!
Quite sad really
And very lonely!

“ROARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” bellowed the lion
And the ground shook beneath his sadness.
And he settled down to spend the lonely day.
By himself.

The next morning, the lion woke to find a big fat hippo, wallowing in the mud by the lake.
“Rrrrrrr…..” growled the lion, about to roar
When he stopped to think ….
“Rrrather nice to see you – Welcome” said the lion.
“Why thank you” said the hippo.
“This mud is marvellous! Why don’t you join me?”
“I don’t really like mud” said the lion
“But I will stay and talk.”
And stay he did. They talked and talked until the sun went down and the moon glimmered on the water.

The next morning when the lion work up, he saw a giraffe eating leaves from the top of the tree nearby.
“RRRrrrrr….” said the lion, about to roar
“rrrreally tasty-looking leaves those!” said the lion.
“They are delicious” agreed the giraffe, smacking his big rubbery lips together.
“I have a long neck and can reach the finest leaves at the top of the tree.
Would you like me to fetch you some?”
“I don’t like leaves” said the lion ‘but I would love for you to tell me what you can see from up there!”
And the giraffe told him about the forests, the grasslands and the mountains he could see all around him.
He told the lion about his family, his sisters and brothers.
And the lion realised quite how lonely he felt before.

The next morning, the lion woke to see a troop of monkeys playing by the water.
“RRRrrrr….” growled the lion about to roar. Then he stopped to think …
“Rrreally cold water today” said the lion. “Mind you don’t get wet!”
“Thank you” said the oldest monkey “we can swing from branch to branch and we will never fall in the water”
“Look” said the smallest monkey, swinging from tree to tree. “I can even hang upside down!”

The lion chuckled to himself as he watched the monkeys playing.
He looked around to see the happy hippo in the lake, the graceful giraffe eating from his favourite tree and the mischievous monkeys swinging around him.
And he thought to himself “What good is all of this land, lake and trees if I am lonely and sad?” How nice it is to have all these friends to share it with.”
And he felt that funny feeling of loneliness in his tummy – was gone.
He felt …
Well, he felt HAPPY!
And he felt LOVED.
The lion smiled to himself
Then he ROARED!!!!!
With laughter.
And his friends joined in too.